Particle Engineering of Inhalation Products

Dry Powder Formulation: Our Proprietary Process

Pulmonomy is on a mission to produce highly effective anti-fungal therapeutics with drastically reduced side effects. Our approach is a result of innovative molecular design in concert with optimal particle engineering for effective delivery to the lung tissue.


Stable Formulation

Optimal Particle Size

In the recent years,  innovative firms have been working diligently to change the physical properties of anti-fungal drugs, in order to improve their absorption in the lung. The quest for the most effective dry powder formulations has led to the exploration of a wide range of technologies to produce micro-particles of old drugs and their combinations.

A lot of progress has been made in tuning properties such as the size, shape and water solubility of dry powder form of anti-fungal drugs.  Many such reformulations and new formulations are in various stages of pre-clinical and clinical development.

Lung Transport Dynamics

We have developed a proprietary particle engineering process for the production of dry powder formulations that are stable, of optimal particle size, suitable for lung transport dynamics, and which bind efficiently with lung alveoli.

Efficient Binding with Alveoli

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