We have initiated the rapid development of novel medicines forthe treatment of COVID-19.

About Us

Pulmonomy(a subsidiary of TotalClarity, Inc.) is a biopharma company, targeting a range of life-threatening infections of the lungs. (pulmonomyp.wpengine.com) is focused on developing inhalation therapeutics for treating respiratory infections for immuno-compromised patients. In addition to our existing programs, we are turning our focus on COVID-19 patients.

Inhalation Therapy

Inhalation therapy allows the therapeutic agent to reach diseased lung tissues more effectively. Our approach is a result of innovative molecular design in concert with optimal particle engineering for effective delivery. Inhalation therapy allows the therapeutic agent to reach diseased lung tissues more effectively. We are developing highly efficient medications with a focus on improving exposure of the drug throughout the infected lung tissues and reducing inflammation in the lungs.

Our Products

Our productsare in the form a dry powder inhaled (DPI) medication. We have a proprietary particle engineering process for the production of dry powder formulations. The combination of a novel molecular structure with optimal particle properties allows us to improve the drug transport efficiency to 80-90%, reduce the dosage by 60-70%, with high likelihood of becoming a preferred drug of choice for treating respiratory infections, contingent on FDA approval.Our first target indication has been invasive fungal disease, and now COVID-19 is the new focus.

Repurposing Existing Drugs

Many of the global companies are developing vaccines as a means of prophylaxis; other pharma companies are working on a range of treatment options for COVID-19. Recently, the US FDA approved hydroxychloroquine (an anti-malarial drug approved in 1955) for the treatment of COVID-19, which clearly defines repurposing as a preferred strategy in the current crisis-like environment.

Our Approach to COVID-19

Our approach at Pulmonomy for treating COVID-19 is through new molecular entitiesdesigned by repurposing therapeutics which are already regarded as safe; thus, improving clinical outcomes and disease treatmentin severe COVID-19 patients. Treatment for fungal and viral infections of the lungs is in our promising pipeline. Consideringthe coronavirus crisis, and the suffering humanity, we have re-prioritized our R&D efforts. We are working to leverage our inhalation technology to directly deliver the medication into the targeted organ – lungs. Our medication aims to address the inflammation, fibrosis, and infection which carry the risk of mutually cascading into organ failure leading to mortality in COVID-19 patients.

Supporting Our Mission

Our mission to bring life-saving therapies has taken on a new level of urgency and we need your partnership in developing treatments that can serve the unmet medical needs, save lives and protect loved ones. We seek your support and guidance in any form that can help us accelerate our charter to bring COVID-19 treatments that are safe, effective and affordable. Please feel free to contact us with any ideas and questions.

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