Executive Team

Shekhar Shastri

Chief Executive Officer

Shekhar Shastri is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and a veteran in financial risk management and venture development. He founded Redwood Investment Systems, which pioneered real-time Portfolio Management leveraging Artificial Intelligence techniques. He has worked at AT&T Bell Labs, in Silicon Valley, and on Wall Street. He has been a guest lecturer in Risk Management at Columbia University and lectures at MIT.

Dr. Indu Sabnani, MD

Chief Medical Officer

is a Hematologist, Oncologist based in Maplewood, NJ. She is the Director of Loving Care Oncology Clinic and is affiliated with Morristown Medical Center and Newark Beth Israel Medical Center.

Suzanne A. Lebold, PhD

Licensing & Acquisitions

Dr. Lebold is a veteran pharma industry executive with deep expertise in Licensing and Acquisitions. She was the VP of Business Development and Acquisitions at AbbVie till recently. Starting out as a research scientist in pharmaceutical R&D, she has held many positions at Abbot, including marketing and scientific assessment. She has a PhD in Chemistry from Northwestern University.

Brij Masand

Chief AI Scientist

Mr. Masand has been a trailblazer in applying Artificial Intelligence to healthcare, insurance, and telecom. He has done pioneering work in AI/Data Science at Schlumberger, Thinking Machines, Verizon, Redwood Investment Systems, and Data Miners. He has consulted extensively and authored many books on AI. He has degrees from IIT-Delhi and MIT. He developed a ‘Cancer Protocol Writer’s Assistant’ as part of his graduate research at MIT.