Novel Inhalation Therapeutics

Serving High Unmet Medical Needs

Novel Formulation

Novel molecular structure with optimal particle size for uniform distribution and binding all across lungs

Efficient Dosing

Dosage reduction by 60-70% Improved drug transport efficiency to 80-90%

Convenience of Dosing

Ease of dosing enables higher compliance in patients with compromised lungs elasticity


Novel Formulations of Known Drugs for Effective Dosing


Targeted Delivery to the Site of Action in the Lungs


Precision Manufacturing for Particle Size Optimization

Our Initial Focus: Fungal Infections of the Lungs

Fungal infections of the lung pose significant problems in diagnosis and treatment. They mainly affect people living in certain geographic areas and those with immune deficiency. Their virulence varies from causing no symptoms to causing death.

Our Pipeline

We are developing novel inhalation therapeutics for treating fungal infections in immunocompromised patients. Our target is fungal infections such as Aspergillosis, Candidiasis, and Cryptococcosis, which account for a majority of the direct health care costs compared to all other fungal diseases.
Our solution is in the form of Dry Powder Inhalation(DPI) medicines for a number of invasive fungal infections, such as below: